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My Own Tutor is a unique tuition service that combines the very best in Year 1 – 11 online education, tailored tutoring, dedicated career guidance and family packages that include rewards and savings to help pay for student tuition. We specialise in Maths and English tuition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 4 and provide learning in 14 other GCSE subjects including languages.....


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Since we started in 2009, My Own Tutor has helped thousands of students in the UK, and worldwide, with both daily learning and exam results. At My Own Tutor Hub, we deliver education services from Key Stage 1 to GCSE. We do this by having a world-class national curriculum compliant on-line tutoring program with 24/7 access, supported by tuition centres, telephone support, and 1-2-1 tuition. Our clients are aspirational, who want the very best educational outcomes for their children or dependants. Our students own their own journey through a personalised program which is individual to them. My Own Tutor provides the tools for students to grow in confidence, develop a love for learning, and achieve their full potential.


We specialise in Mathematics and English tuition, and we also have in addition many other subjects including science and languages. Our programme follows the English Key Stage 1 to 4 programme which leads up to the final GCSE exams. This raises student’s standards in a fun and quick way. The programme is tailored to each student’s ability levels and keeps up with the changing needs of the individual.


As the Principal of My Own Tutor Dudley I have been conducting private tuition sessions for the past 6 years and have had the pleasure of working with a broad range of children with varying capabilities.  I also have experience teaching in a weekend supplementary school, with the ages of students ranging from 5 to 16. Being a part of children’s development and learning process, and watching them go on to succeed in life brings me a great feeling of satisfaction and a sense of self achievement. It is a personal ambition of mine to be able to help the future generation of my community and hopefully inspire them to reach their full potential.


Here at My Own Tutor, you can be assured you will be given access to a wealth of top quality resources and teaching, learning materials and Freephone support for learners, and regular, accurate and detailed reports for parents. All staff are DBS checked in line with government regulations for teaching.


Education is continuous and ongoing, and with My Own Tutor, everyone can and will succeed.


The My Own Tutor service is suitable and affordable enough to meet a wide range of needs, particularly students wanting to:


  • Make accelerated progress in English and Maths


  • Consolidate other subject knowledge


  • Prepare for 11+ and 13+ and other entry exams


  • Achieve their full potential


  • Aim for top universities  


  • Find extra support


  • Catch up/make progress


  • Assist those who have been struggling


Achieve good grades in GCSE's



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Continuous academic development
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GCSE improvement classes
Freephone Teacherline for Homework Help
Tuition Centres
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Advanced, child-centred learning
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A* – B (9-5) for more able students
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Home Study Programme


My Own Tutor  offers the best value and quality service – compare us against the rest and call now for a free session!



  • Clearly identify any gaps or weaknesses that the student might have

  • Are easy to understand and allow parents and students to see the progress made and areas that need more attention

  • Provide weekly emails to highlight the work completed and achievement in the previous week 

  • Provide the basis and focus of discussions during the monthly telephone meeting with guiding mentors for home study students 


Any family which subscribes to My Own Tutor will receive free membership of Shop2Learn benefits and savings scheme to help towards tuition costs.

 This includes:

  • discounts at supermarkets, clothes and electronics shops

  • savings on many areas of family spending


We work with aspirational parents who want the very best educational outcomes for their children.

  • Our program adapts itself to student levels and abilities and ensures fast progress is made through fun and engaging learning.

  • Parents and carers have full control and transparency with weekly progress reports.

  • Our students own their journey through an individualised and engaging programme of learning that develops independent, ambitious learners....but with advice and guidance always at hand.

  • We enable parents, carers and adult learners to support themselves and young learners.

  • We offer rewards and savings that will help you to pay for student sessions.